Community Groups

A good way to get involved in the Vineyard Campbellsville community. The chances are there's something here that you're interested in, on a night you're free.


  • Monday

    Things That Matter

    Leader: Drs. Ray & Candyce Roberts

    Mondays @ 7pm (6 weeks total)

    Hosts: Rusty & Beth Hollingsworth

    555 East Meadow Creek Road

    Discovering foundations of the Vineyard. 

    *Begins Feb 5th*

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  • Tuesday

    Women's Group

    Co-Leaders: LaBreeska Ingles & Chloe Olliges

    Tuesdays @ 10am

    Location: 106 Woodbridge

    Childcare provided!

    *Begins Feb 6th*

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    The Gospel of John

    Leaders: Sarah & Andrew Ward

    Hosts: Meme & Greg Tucker

    Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

    Location: 53 Strawberry Farm Road

    Using NT Wright's book as a guide, we'll be diving into the Gospel of John. (book purchase is recommended but not required)

    *Begins Feb 13th*

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    Continuing Your Inward Journey

    Leader: Kimbra Compton

    Tuesdays @ 7pm

    Hostess: Erin Fogler

    135 Gilpin Road

    This Group will focus on enhancing your inner spiritual life. Each week we will learn an inner healing principle that can be used in your everyday journey with Jesus. 

    *Begins February 13th*

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  • Wednesday

    *Beginning Feb 7th, childcare will be available at the Vineyard for all Wednesday night groups, both on and off campus from 6pm-8:30pm*

    Vineyard Youth

    (Grades 6th-12th)

    Leaders: Greg & Jen Evans

    Wednesdays 6:30pm

    Location: Vineyard

    In Session

    Kingdom Kids

    (Grades 1st-5th)

    Leader: Brian & LaBreeska Ingles

    Wednesdays 6:30pm

    Location: Vineyard

    *Beginning Feb 7th*

    Grace Based Parenting

    Wednesdays 6:45pm

    Location: Vineyard

    Description: Parents, take part in a parenting study by one of today’s leading family experts. Based on the award-winning book by Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting is a fun, fast-paced, biblical study that will give every parent what they need to make the most of their incredible opportunity of preparing their kids for a great future. Grace Based Parenting will give every parent a fresh hope and the tools to create an environment in their home where everyone is reaching their potential. The result – spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence.

    *Beginning Feb 7th*

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  • Thursday

    The Basics

    Leader & Hostess: Heather Russell

    Thursdays: 6:30-8pm

    Location: 325 Roachville Road

    Worship. Teaching. Ministry. Connection.

    *Begins Feb 15th*

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  • Weekend

    Being Present (Women only)

    Leader: Lori Rogers

    Sundays @ 5pm

    Hostess: Misty Durham

    Location: 801 Rosecrest Ave

    *Feb 25th-March 25th*

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