Vineyard Campbellsville almost always has new things on the horizon. Here are some of them.

  • SOngs & stories iii

    Hey everyone! We're thrilled to announce....

    Songs & Stories III

    Analogue Hearts in a Virtual Age


    John Mark McMillan

    Sarah McMillan

    Taylor Leonhardt

    Fran Pratt

    Adam Russell

    Samuel Yoder

    Glen Yoder


    *August 16th: 7pm
    *August 17th: 10am, 2pm & 7pm

    $50 early bird (through Aug 4)

    $60 (beginning Aug 5)

    $35 (college & under)

    No charge for under 12 (10-over should be registered)
    Childcare provided for 9-under

    *We encourage you to bring some extra dollars Saturday morning/afternoon as we will have a food truck on campus once again during the lunch break.