*Live Stream & In-Person Services*

Welcome to the Vineyard Church in Campbellsville, Kentucky. While we will still offer our live-stream online service each week, we are now also hosting in-person services as well. Here are some details from Pastor Adam Russell. 



I’m writing to update everyone on our masking and social distance protocols here during weekend services. First off, I want to say it’s been a real blessing to have so many people be patient and understanding with us as we’ve tried to figure things out over the past year. As a result, we were able to begin meeting in person relatively quickly, and without a single Covid breakout here at church.

It seems like with the roll out and widespread availability of vaccines we are beginning to enter a moment when we can rethink how we are handling our weekend services. With that in view along with the recent CDC announcements, on May 16th we will be mask optional for both services. For the time being we will still be requiring kids and kids church workers to wear masks (keeping in line with current CDC guidelines). Speaking of the CDC, we do recommend that anyone who has not been vaccinated, would follow their guidelines & continue to wear a mask while attending any indoor/in-person service. 

Beginning 16th both services will be mask optional. Again, kids and workers will continue to wear masks.

Things can change in a hurry, so we'll do our best to keep everyone informed. 

A few more updates:

For the time being we are going to continue to check kids in at the beginning of service. We will eventually bring kids back into worship and have a three minute break…but that will most likely be towards the end of the process.

Some have been asking about reopening nursery and other kids church ages - we will reopen those class rooms when we have enough solid, vetted volunteers. Until that happens those classrooms will remain closed.

We will require signups until at least the end of June. (It just helps us set the room and be ready for who is coming). Hopefully in July we can relax this as well.

One more thing:

In the past few weeks we have seen LOTS of faces that we haven’t seen in over a year and I just want to say what a good feeling that has been. This past Sunday the services were full and there was a particular kind of joy in the room that I believe is at least in part due to the fact that we are together again. It feels like summer camp or something…I guess what I’m trying to say is that church is about God…but it’s also about his people and it’s been awesome to see faces and hear voices in worship!

Love my Vineyard peeps!

Pastor Adam

More details...

  • Everyone planning on attending needs to sign up. Signups will be available each week starting on Monday at 10AM. You will find the link on our FB page, our Instagram bio, and our website. **Sign Up Here**
  • Registration ends each week on Friday at 11:59pm.
  • There will be kids church available for kids ages 4-Kindergarten in the 10:30 service and 1st-5th grades in both services. It’s possible that this will fill up…just a little FYI
  • We will continue to stream the service for everyone who wants to join in online.

**You can watch the live stream service right here...

or join us for the stream live on our Facebook page where you can interact directly with us during the service.