Community Groups

A good way to get involved in the Vineyard Campbellsville community. The chances are there's something here that you're interested in, on a night you're free. Each fall & spring we offer community groups (Bible study, worship, ministry). In June & August, we offer life groups (hobbies, special interests, community building).


  • Monday

    Vineyard College

    Leaders: Andrew & Eva Vaughn and Joey & Kate Hartlage

    Day & Time: Mondays @ 7:30pm (beginning Sept 23rd)

    Location: Harden Coffee

    Theme: If you attend any college in the area, please join us at Harden Coffee on Monday nights. We hope to see you there. 

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    Prayer & Bible Study
    Leaders: Ricky & Kathy Harden
    Day & Time: Mondays @ 6:30pm (beginning Oct 14th)
    Hosts: Mike & Debbie Stanfield
    Theme: Prayer & Bible Study

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  • Tuesday

    Men Reading Scripture

    Leader & Host: Dr. Ray Roberts

    Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm (beginning Sept 24th)

    Location: Heritage Winery

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    Blind Spots

    Leader: Dr. Candyce Roberts

    Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm (beginning Sept 24th)

    Location: Harden Coffee

    Theme:—intentionally pursuing sanctification—

    How becoming self-aware can enhance your life with God and others.

    In this group we will examine possible blind spots socially, emotionally, spiritually. We will look at ways to resolve and grow in our areas of blindness.

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  • Wednesday

    Vineyard Kids

    Leaders : Heather Russell

    Day & Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm (beginning Sept 25th)

    Location: @ the Vineyard

    Theme: Kids group for grades 1st-5th

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    Prayer & Air

    Leader & Hostess : Justy Engle

    Day & Time: Wednesdays @ 6:15pm (beginning Sept 25th)

    Theme: We will practice contemplative practices in the midst of our everyday lives. We seek to draw closer to the Lord through conversations about the lives we are actually living and will take time to pray individually and corporately, in ways we know and in ways we've never tried. Honesty, kindness, silence and joy encouraged. (Childcare provided at the church on Wed nights from 6-8:30)

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    Vineyard 101

    Leaders & Hosts : Dusty & Emily Snyder

    Day & Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm (beginning Sept 25th)

    Theme: If you've just started hanging out with us in the past few months, or simply want to get to know why we are the way we are...this group is for you. (Childcare provided at the church on Wed nights from 6-8:30)

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    Worship & Word

    Leaders & Hosts : Matt & Hannah DeSpain

    Day & Time: Wednesdays @ 6:45pm (beginning Sept 25th)

    Theme: Worship + Word will include an evening of worship led by us, Matt & Hannah DeSpain, with moments of spoken & shared word, whether from scripture, litanies or passages from some of our favorite books. All in the midst of the renovation of our little home. Hope to see you there! (Childcare provided at the church on Wed nights from 6-8:30)

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  • Thursday

    Reading Scripture Together

    Leader: Ray & Kim Hollenbach

    Hosts: Jon & Candy May @ 104 Kensington Way

    Day & Time: Thursdays 7pm (beginning Sept 26)

    Theme: It’s true: you could read the Bible alone, but reading together in community brings out all the colors of meaning. Join us as we read—and share—our favorite passages.

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  • Weekend

    Vineyard Youth

    (Grades 6th-12th)

    Leaders: Greg & Jen Evans

    Sundays 7pm (ongoing)

    Location: Vineyard

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