Service Times

Welcome to the Vineyard Church in Campbellsville, Kentucky. While we will still offer our live-stream online service each week, we are now also hosting in-person services as well. Here are some details from Pastor Adam Russell. 

Here’s a little update on our in-person meetings for July:

(These plans could change week to week so check our FB and Instagram accounts regularly to stay up-to-date)

  • Everyone planning on attending needs to sign up. Signups will be available each week starting on Monday at 10AM. You will find the link on our FB page, our Instagram bio, and our website. **SIGN UP HERE**
  • Each person in your party / family needs to sign up in order to be counted.
  • Registration ends each week on Friday at noon.
  • We’re asking people who are in the “at-risk” categories please consider joining the on-line stream.
  • We’re also asking that everyone please wear a mask. I know it’s weird, but it really helps make things as safe as possible. This is a slight change from my last update, but given the moment we are living in, we need to make this more concrete.
  • There will be kids church available for kids in 1st-5th grades. It’s possible that this will fill up…just a little FYI
  • We will not be serving coffee, so feel free to bring your own.
  • Service will be right under one hour.
  • Doors will open 10 min before service
  • Service starts at 10AM
  • We love kids and they are more than welcome to come, IF you think they can sit with your family for the duration of the service.
  • We will be streaming this service for everyone who wants to join in online.

This is a strange moment we are living in, and I don’t think that it’s going to change anytime soon. So we are going to have to experiment with what it means to gather as the church. I don’t take any of this lightly and I really appreciate the grace that everyone has given the church leadership as we figure out how to best move forward.

Looking forward to seeing folks back in the building soon.

I’m praying that God would meet us.

Pastor Adam

**You can watch the live stream service right here...

or join us for the stream live on our Facebook page where you can interact directly with us during the service. 

What to Expect During our Online Services

Worship through song:
A concentrated time of music, singing, and extravagant expressions of our love for Him.

Worship through giving:
Toward the end of our music we present our tithes and offerings to God - not out of obligation, but out of gratitude.

Worship through study:

We turn our attention to the Bible - God’s reliable handbook for living.

Online services will be a little more condensed than our in person meetings. We anticipate the runtime to be approximately 30 minutes. 

Campus Location

We certainly hope to be hosting services in our building as soon as possible. 

105 Pleasant Drive

Campbellsville, KY 42718

Off of Highway 55 between Highway 68 and South Columbia Avenue

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