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    I wanted to take a moment to write you about this year’s BIG GIVE offering. Each year we set aside one Sunday to receive an offering that goes toward some bigger, special purpose. In the past, we have used this offering to pay off our building mortgage, update our facilities, or to set aside funds for a children’s pastor salary - and each year, you, the church have been really generous!

    This year we are intending to use this offering to purchase 10 acres. We have a piece of land under contract on the corner of HWY 55 and West Blue Hole road. We are excited about the location and the size of this property because it is the kind of site that could one day be suitable for our next church home.

    The agreed upon price for the property is 200k - and given it’s location that felt like a really good deal - especially since we have spent the last decade completely land-locked.

    We are planning on putting 20% of the purchase price down on the mortgage - we’ll be using some of our cash reserves to do this.


    On April 14 we’d love for you to consider giving a BIG GIVE offering to help us pay for this 10 acre piece of property. 100% of the money received that day will go towards this purchase.


    For the last decade our church has in many ways been stuck - our current location is completely hemmed in by our very nice neighbors (UPS, The city of Campbellsville). As it stands we cannot buy any more land to add to what we currently have. During this last decade our church has continued to grow - every square inch of our building is currently used. This is especially true in our kids wing and kitchen / cafe area.

    As a result our community has been constrained for the last 5 years. We’ve hit our ceiling.

    I’m convinced that we’re at a crossroads where we are being invited to make a few decisions that speak to our current set of needs and the needs of our church in the next 50 years. I’m convinced that the Lord wants us to be a blessing to Campbellsville for the next 5 decades and beyond. And part of our ability to do that work well means we need a different kind of home in which to host and show gospel hospitality.

    At the Vineyard we have always been a home for artists and creatives. We have always been a home to the spiritual outsider and those on the fringe. In the past decade we have become a home for teachers, business people, and families WITH CHILDREN (so many children)!

    We are being invited to set some things in motion so that our children and their children have a spiritual home - and not just a theological home, but one that is embodied in things like land and buildings and spaces where life actually happens.

    If the Vineyard is your home - if your children are served and cared for here - if this is where you come to be nourished - if your roots are here - would you step up and do this family work with us?

    Thank you for your support

    Pastor Adam